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Seminar on "Art of Decision Making" on 08 May 2010

International Trainer & Management Consultant Mr. Himanshu Buch had come to conduct a one-day Seminar on "The Art of Decision-Making" on 08th May 2010 as a part of the Brilliance One-Off, a series of Lectures/Seminars/Workshops being organized at Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan. He said that every phase of life is a Learning Phase. We are not leading our lives, we are managing our lives. To take decisions, he emphasized, it was important that we always analyzed Power, Short-comings, Opportunities & Challenges. Analyzing Knowledge & Intelligence he said that Knowledge is never our own, & we always need to acquire it from others or life, whereas Intelligence is our own which helps us in utilizing the Knowledge acquired by us. He said that life was not by chance but was a manifestation of the good deeds. To take good decisions in life a person has to learn to question oneself. Outlining Private, Commercial, Familial, Social & Spiritual goals he stressed their importance in taking the right decisions in life