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Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp:(Camp 2) – 3 Dec. to 5 Dec. 2019

The camp started with the inauguration on 3rd December 2019 by the Dr. Deepika Somani who spoke about the objectives of the entrepreneurship and the social and technological development recent years. She also elaborated on entrepreneurship, its relevance including the successful entrepreneurs with great ideas all around the world.

The event continued by the session talk of Mr. Chetan Jain, young entrepreneur of the Udaipur city. He emphasized on innovative ideas and efforts for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Session continued with talk by Prof. A. N. Mathur. He told about the need of the entrepreneurship training and the objectives of the camp. He informed students about government schemes and incubators for entrepreneurs. He also informed about the ‘Entrepreneurship Development Centre located in the University’, where the students can seek further guidance.