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Orientation Meeting of Teaching and Students: 26 august 2019

The practice of holding staff meeting prior to the Orientation of the new students continued. The Teachers learn about the NAAC requirement, the practice to be continued during the year and documentary evidence for validation of the practices. The Mentors included paying special attention & psychological counseling of the students in academics. In the meeting on August 23rd, 2019 the teachers after learning prepared the annual teaching paper less working as such all matter must be reported through the Smart Campus. They were given the advice about maintaining records in various formats developed by the IQAC.

This was followed by the Orientation Programme on August 26th, 2019 wherein all the Student Council Members and Course Representatives participated. The students are given the information about the academic, extracurricular activities; programme related graduate attributes, PO, PSO etc. The programme was conducted by the CMD Dr. Seema Singh, Advisory member of committee Dr. Rashmi Bohra, Principal Dr. Reena Sharma, IQAC Coordinator Dr. Raksha Sharma and Principal of ATTC Dr. Rashi Mathur.