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Entrepreneurship Awareness: 13-15 September 2018


The College was sanctioned by DST-NIMAT organization of two entrepreneurship Awareness Camps for the students of the PG College. The first camp was organized during September 13-15, 2018 which attended by 80 students. The camp started with the inauguration on 13th September by Dr. A. N. Mathur, who spoke on the objectives of the entrepreneurship and the economical development of nation. The event followed by the talk of Principal Dr. D. S. Chundawat, who spoke about the need of the entrepreneurship training and the objectives of the camp.

Dr. S. V. Bhanawat, Professor Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur spoke of the Science of the entrepreneurship. He also talked about the ancillary industry. Talking about the factors responsible for success and failure of the SSI, he stresses on need of developing secured market of the product. He also cited many cases of successful entrepreneurs and reasons for their success. Identifying the areas of the business, he talked on selection of technology looking to the present status of R & D; selection of site and identifying the resources.

Shri Tarun Mishra, an Executive of ICICI Bank spoke about the financing of the SSI through bank loan and provisions of subsidy, subsidised interest rate, tax relief etc. He deliberated on StartUp and the facilities of easy loan, tax rebate, preference in government tendering etc. Dr. Hina Khan, Professor and teacher of entrepreneurship in JRN Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth, who spoke about the development of dialogue and use of commercial language in communicating. Shri Gaurav of Jebog Technologies discussed his successful journey. Studying in Engineering, he left studies in between and chose the self entrepreneurship path. Overcoming initial hurdles to day he is a successful entrepreneur with only Science back ground.

The students visited VDS Centre where Shri Ankur Mehta a successful entrepreneur spoke about his experience. Starting with IT sector, now he has several successfully running units and planning for setting up of weaving plant.

The Second Camp was organised during October 15-17, 2018 and attended by 77 students. In addition to the speakers who delivered talks in first camp, many other speakers were invited to talk on the subject.

Dr. Manisha Agarwal, an entrepreneur trainer engaged with Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the Mohanlal Sukhadia University spoke on the concept of becoming good and successful entrepreneurs. She discussed the theories of the entrepreneurs and cited some example. Speaking the behaviour Science, one has to change the attitude to passion of the work.

Shri Himanshu Bula an entrepreneur & financial Adviser who sought funds & subsidy from the government. . He talked about the financial planning and generating resources including seed money which the proposer has to arrange. The various financial institutions such as Small Scale Financial Corporation, Rajasthan Financial Corporation are lending money to industries. He highlighted the policy of the government specially Mudra Funds, Skill development and women empowerment.

Dr. Archana Golwalkar deliberated with the efforts required for making the product popular so that it can penetrate and accepted in the market. Ms. Raksha Sharma highlighted the need of workers friendly HR policy so that they feel part of the organization. Ms. Pooja Rao MBA, spoke about the business communication and maintaining regular interaction with the stakeholders. A contact with large number of people will also help in getting feedback about your service and you can always introduce new techniques and methods for increasing the client base.

Alumnae of the College, Shri Hassan Astad who owns a Mall and a successful entrepreneur talked about the story of his struggle and success. He impressed the students by citing many cases where he has to face many problems, new documents and revising DPR. Ms. Ranu Singhavi, proprietor of Singhavi Electrical & Battery spoke how she started the work of dealing with batteries and other accessories on small scale but now own a workshop with multiple activities. She spoke about the confidence she continue to maintain despite of no support from any one, except the family.