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Organization of INSPIRE Camp: 25-29 September 2018

Continuing the organization of the INSPIRE camp as was done in the year 2017-18, this year also the Aishwarya Post Graduate College was sanctioned Rs 9.75 lakh for 150 students INSPIRE camp 2018-19 by the Department of Science & Technology Government of India. The Principals of 27 schools sponsored their students to participate in the camp during September 25-29, 2018.  Shifting from the tradition, the camp started on 25 September with the opening remarks by Dr. Anand Gupta MD (Pathology) and Dr. A. N. Mathur, skipping the inauguration functions. This was to give additional opportunity to the students to interact with the renowned Scientists. 47 students of final year science helped in conducting the programme, besides 14 teachers.

The schedule of talks was prepared keeping the Mentor’s availability. The duration of the talks were fixed for 70 minutes with 20 minutes for the interaction. The contents of various talks are given below: