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IITB Spoken Tutorials: 3 August 2017


 Spoken tutorial project, IIT Bombay is funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD government of India. The tutorials are promoted with the objective to learn free with the help of open source software through spoken tutorials. They have linked up with various Government Universities. ACES through MLSU was communicated for the initiative and a master training programme was organized on 3rd August 2017 at Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur where orientation was given on IITB, About Spoken Tutorial Project, Scope of Spoken Tutorials, Benefits  and its implementation.


Dr. Archana Golwalkar was appointed by the institution for representation & orientation for acting as nodal centre for Spoken Tutorial IITB and implementing in the college itself for all courses at different levels, thus making the students market ready with knowledge and certification from IITB promoting FOSS (Free and Open Source Systems) free of cost, supported by college in coordination with IITB & MLSU.


A comprehensive planner was designed for three years by Dr Archana Golwalkar in alignment to the format given by IITB representative Ms Nidhi Soni for all the courses running at ACES in affiliation with MLSU.

Students were oriented about the opportunity by ICT Cell, CSI Student Branch coordinator about the courses, their relevance and benefits to students. Students were even counseled for taking up the spoken tutorial courses on the basis of their interest, while taking an advantage of learning opportunity from IIT professors.


The necessary data was collected from the students and they were registered online. Downloaded spoken tutorials were dealt in both the modes - in lab hours and beyond the lab hours. Test dates were scheduled in coordination with IITB, online. The tests for specified students were conducted when they were made active by IITB. Instant marking and e-certification method is adapted by IITB.

Exams were conducted for various courses by Dr Archana Golwalkar with the help of Dr Anita Bhati and the students who qualified the minimum criteria were issued the e-certificate through email by IIT Bombay.


The whole exercise raised interest in students, enhanced knowledge and built confidence besides enriching their resume.