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One day Seminar on Database Connectivity in Web Applications: 27 September 2016

Prof. A.K. Goswami Interacting With the Students


The technical session talk was organized by CSI Student Branch - Aishwarya on the topic “Database Connectivity in Web Applications” for the students of MCA, PGDCA and BCA on 27thSeptember 2016.  The objective of the session was to make the students well versed with the database connectivity through web applications enabling them to handle their software projects based on Web Applications. The expert invited was Mr. Tilkesh Swarnkar (Alumni Aishwarya Institute of Management & IT) who is an entrepreneur and has recently started his own venture in Software ‘Smart Tech’ joined by his team member and batch mate Mr. Mahesh Kumar Dhakad.  The experts were welcomed by Dr Archana Golwalkar (Director AIM & IT, CSI Student Branch Coordinator) and were introduced by CSI Student Member Mr. Daksh Upadhayay (BCA).During the session Mr. Swarnkar discussed the fundamental concepts of Databases and web applications, on the basis of which he explained and demonstrated practically the connectivity to MS Access, Mysql and Oracle databases through Java, encompassing creation, setup, connectivity and use. The Experts told the students that:


“My powers are ordinary only my application brings me success.”

Data that is shared between Web components and is persistent between invocations of a Web application is usually maintained in a database. Web applications access a data source using a connection, and a Data Source object can be thought of as a factory for connections to the particular data source that the Data Source instance represents.                                                              

He also elaborated on the differences in these databases and suitability of their application using real life examples. The participants took keen interest and learnt in a simplified manner and also attended practical session about database connectivity and related issues. The session was very

interactive and knowledgeable and offered great utility especially for the final year students who are working on software projects. The faculty and student members appreciated the deliberations.