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Orientation Week 20th July to 25th July 2015


On session commencement Student Orientation Week was from 20th July to 25th July. In this week on first day 20th July of new students was done by senior students. After this all faculty members gave their introduction to students. At the end of session games was played by students. On the second day 21st July Course objective and outcome was decided by Course Coordinators. On third day 22nd July cell information was given by cell in charges. In this series on forth day 23rdJuly Student rules & regulations were decided, CSI and research information was given by Dr. Archana Golwalkar.  On fifth day 24th July Library and lab rules are described and on last day 25th July feedback forms were filled by students and there was query session also.

Students from BCA, BBM and B. Com participated in the orientation programme with the faculty members. The objective of the session was to make the students familiar with the initiatives taken by the institution in the area of Research, Consultancy and Extension by sharing with them various research based activities and publications like journals and Newsletters; MoUs, Collaboration with CSI - CSI Student Branch, UCCI, Golden Shake club - Rotaract, consultancy and extension activities. Eligibility, process and benefits followed of student membership were discussed.

Student’s participation was called for in the activities and events planned for the year with the objective of all round development of the students which further contributes to progress of state and the nation. In the direction to make the students market ready initiatives such as Short term training programmes, e learning & Certification, internship and trainings for exposure to latest technological trends.  An opportunity to develop global competitiveness is given by providing a platform at local/state/national/International Seminars, workshops, Conferences, Competitions, Student Conventions and more. Important websites were shared with the students as,, and more. The session was interactive and had student involvement.