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Multidisciplinary National Conference on "Educatio

Former Vice-Chancellor of MLSU Prof. B.L.Choudhary said that Education should be goal-oriented, so that it can contribute to the overall development of the nation. Prof. Choudhary was speaking as the Chief Guest at the inauguration of the three day National conference on Education Reforms : Insights & Analysis at Aishwarya Education Society. He questioned the contemporary practices being adopted in Primary Education where parents of the children were not fully educated & still all the children were getting the passing grades. He also raised red flags regarding the "Mid-day Meals Scheme" wherein the scheme was promoting corruption in an indirect manner amongst the children.
Differentiating Industrial Need & Educational Output the Special Guest Mr. Murlidhar Koteshwar Managing Director, Usability consulting, Bangalore said that the real world is full of challenges. The System teaches us the method of the exams while the Schools & colleges make the syllabus. If we want to become successful then we have to find out what is the requirement of the Industrial world & develop sound concepts according to the same. He also emphasized the need for the innovative research practices & develop more confidence in the educational systems. Mr. Koteshwar emphasized the need of developing the values like Complete Knowledge, Acceptance & Innovation amongst the employees. He said that what education process required was a practical school education.
Special guest, Director of western Zone Cultural Centre Mr. Shailendra Dashora said that in todays globalized world education has been truly Globalised & the world powers are truly responsible for it. He stressed the need of "Sarv Jan Hitay Sarv Jan Sukhai" as the motto of our times.
Dr. Dewal, the Keynote speaker, speaking on Educational Reforms since 1905 till date said that University Commission was formed in 1947, but for Primary Education no commission has been formed till date. He further stated that not conducting exams in the Tenth standard will not reduce the stress on the students. While expressing her views, Dr. Vijay Laxmi Chohan, Advisor Aishwarya Education society said that if we had included positivism in the education system from the beginning then we would have had a very different education system in front of us. She stressed that in the contemporary environment, besides analysis if the education we had to stress the need for developing humane values.
At the start of the Inauguration Ceremony all the Guests lighted the Lamp. After this dr. Devinder Johar, Director Aishwarya Research communication welcomed the guests & presented an outline regarding the Three-day conference. In the end Conference Secretary Dr. Tarun Sharma expressed the vote of Thanks. 
The conference was in technical collaboration with Indian Society for Training and Development, Udaipur chapter.  The papers related to Management and Commerce were presented on October 1, 2010 in two technical Sessions. The first technical session T-1 was chaired by Prof. B.P. Bhatnagar, Ex Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth and Prof. Karunesh Saxena, Director, Faculty of Management Studies, M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur. The sub-themes for this session were: Gender Issues in HR: Problems and Solutions; Competition between private and public sector banks: Role of Education; Business Ethics Curriculum; Media: To Learn the Role of Social Responsibility and Learning the flaws/lacunas of Insurance Sector.

The second technical session was chaired by Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran, President, ISTD, Udaipur chapter, Mr. Muralidhar Koteshwar, CEO, Usability Solutions, Bangalore, and Dr. V. Narendran, Ex-Head, Corporate Learning and Development, Hindustan Zinc  Ltd.  The sub-themes of this session were Management - Teaching or Training, Bridging the gap between educational output and industrial requirement, Training for Trainers: Need and Value.