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Industrial Visit to SARAS Dairy on 16.9.2010

Industrial visits are integral and essential part of Management studies. The workmechanisms in the industry are quite different from the theories studied in the books. To give an insight of mechanism and processes in the industry, it is must for the students that they should get live learning experience about industries. It is essential for the Management students to imbibe that Team work is more about WE and less about ME. With the above aim, the students were taken to SARAS dairy on 16th Sept. 2010 with the view of making them aware of the idea behind team work which helps an industry to achieve its goals.


It was a good learning experience for students to know about various processes followed in a dairy industry from Milk collection to distribution. Students learnt about vitality of processes, methods and mechanism. Student inquisition led to the basic question on reengineering and quality control which were addressed by the SARAS Management.