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Seminar on 24th Jan. 2015 “How to prepare for poster Presentations”

A seminar on poster presentation was organized on 24th Jan. 2015 by Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan. The expert was Dr. Kanika Sharma, Prof. & HOD Botany, UCS, MLSU. Expert Prof. Kanika Sharma explained the main points that must be included in poster. She described the difference between scientific poster and normal poster. 

In scientific poster a person should prepare the poster to keep the target audience in mind. She explained the characteristics of good poster to keep target between 300 to 800 words; text should be clear and to the point, there should be short introduction, methodology, results and suggestions. And most importantly that in poster there should be less number of space covered by the text so use in good quantity graphs and bar charts etc.