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CSI Technical Talk “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”

A technical talk was organized by CSI student branch on “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” which has gained a significant attention and importance and showcases tremendous opportunities. The objective of the session was to provide a fair understanding towards the concept and application with respect to SEO, recent trends and the approaching opportunities. 

The expert was Mr. Akhilesh Parmar (IT Solution Tech. Crayons) who was welcomed by Mr Vaibhav Sharma (Faculty In-charge).  Mr Parmar shared with the students the basic concepts of Search Engine, its working, applications and issues considering practical examples; further throwing light on optimization of search engines. The expert discussed the current market trends and future opportunities in this technology as well.

Students took keen interest in the session and raised their queries; overall the session was knowledgeable and interactive.

Mr Akhilesh while interaction with the Dr Archana Golwalkar (Director AIM & IT) deliberated that short term training on SEO can improve the marketability of the students, offering wide opportunities.